Do Nothing at All

As you know, guests have plenty of options for things to do at Ocean Club and Ocean Club West — you can find them all over our website. But wasn’t a “To Do” list something you wanted to leave behind on your vacation? Well, we’d like to show you a new kind of list for you to do, and we encourage you to check items off as you accomplish each task.

Revised To Do List

In the spirit of “Doing Nothing at All,” may we suggest the following:

  •       Get up whenever you feel like it.
  •       Have breakfast in your suite or at one of our relaxed restaurants.
  •       Lie on the beach.
  •       Lie by one of our pools.
  •       Take a dip. Or not.
  •       Daydream awhile.
  •       Enjoy a leisurely lunch.
  •       Sip a curiously refreshing cocktail.
  •       Think about reading that book.
  •       Stroll on the beach at sunset.
  •       Wonder if it’s time for dinner.
  •       Plan an evening out at the casino.
  •       Do as much or as little of the above.
  •       Turn in for the night.
  •       Repeat as desired.